When God visits His people. Reflections from Luke 1:1-14, 18-25, 57-68

When God visits His people.

Reflections from Luke 1:1-14, 18-25, 57-68 (Elizabeth and Zechariah) 

1.      If you want to know “truth,” seek a visitation from God.

  1. Mental intellectual reflection upon spiritual truth can never by itself, bring you to “truth.”  To know “truth,” you need a “visitation” from God.
  2. Cognitive reflection upon spiritual truth will never by itself, bring you to “truth.”  To know “truth,” you need a “visitation” from God.
  3. To know truth, you need to become one with the biblical stories of times God “visits” His people:

Meaning of a “visitation” from God:  A personal tangible, experiential encounter with the Living God!

What God did for Zechariah and Elisabeth, is that He brought them both into a personal, tangible, and experiential encounter with Himself!  This encounter was manifest in two ways: The opening of Elisabeth’s womb in her old age. Second, The outpouring of God’s Spirit upon both of them, resulting in the “loosing” of their tongues, accompanied by outbursts of both joy and prophetic speech.  The greatest manifestation of when God visits His people, is when He pours out afresh, His Spirit upon us! 

2.      Nothing is more glorious than a visitation from God.

Signs of a visitation from God:

  1. When God fills us all over again, with joy and the Spirit of Prophesy.
  2. When a whole community experience an outpouring of God’s Spirit (Luke 1-2).
  3. When God opens “barren wombs” (1:13, 24).
  4. Becoming caught up in something greater than our self.

3.      God visits most often, a “least likely” kind of person.

A “least likely” kind of person is sometimes called an “underdog.”  Underdogs are more likely- than “over-dogs,” to have a “visitation” from God.

Characteristics of a “least likely” kind of person:

·         Righteous and blameless, and close to God with a love for God, but against all odds! (1:6-7)

·         Well acquainted with experiences of barrenness- closed wombs, and the shame that accompanies barrenness.

·         The least of the least: an underdog (1:8)!

·         Persistent in prayer- against all odds (1:13).

·         Has acquired a sense of spiritual depth, from having weathered the adversities of life (1:7b).

·         Humble before God (1:8-9).

·         Transparent before God (1:18-20)

·         Poor in spirit:  Zechariah and Elizabeth, like Mary and Joseph were poor people, poor in spirit (See Ps 34).

Monte Lee Rice (© copyright March 2007) 


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